Now, many computers used for education or online bank accounts. While the hacker is a major problem when they come to file a PC (Personal Computer) you.
Here are some steps to protect your computer from the entrance hacker.DIDIK SEMIN will help you ,

Save all files OR SAVE Cloning. Get used to always make backup files and folders, and keep in a separate, outside of your computer.

Make sure your computer has a good firewall. This can prevent worms, viruses, Trojans, and spyware when they will infektion your computer. Some applications are even asking you men-disable the firewall, so use the assessment should be disable or not.

Review your browser and email settings for security, make sure you constantly have to delete the folder 'cookies'. This is because cookies can post a threat that could damage your computer, or track your everyday online activities. You can adjust the "Internet zone", to "high" and tab "Trusted sites" with security level "medium low".

Beware of Active-X and JavaScript as a media file that is often used to embed viruses hackers and other harmful elements in your program.

Install anti-virus and make sure to stay always terupdate.hee semin dry south mountains fringing so on .. Intermezzo virus?

do not ever open email attachments that you do not know, or email attachment that you have never komfirmasi, because in it is often contained viruses with autoplay and can let hackers can enter your computer system.

Just run or download programs from sites you trust or place. Do not even send files to friends or coworkers who are at risk of working in a computer infected with the virus.

Turn off your computer, and disconnect from the Internet, because hackers can not interfere with your computer system when your computer DIDIK SEMIN


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